I am seriously, seriously fearful of the mega-drought.  When I was young, probably about 8 or 9 or even 10, I saw this TV mini-series (which seem to not be television events anymore.  This could be the subject of a next blog, but what happened to the TV mini-series?  If it’s not reality TV then I guess networks aren’t interested) about drought.  It was a drama, so it consisted of actors depicting the difficulties and dangers of living a life with minimal, minimal fresh water.  People were limited to a couple of glasses of water a day.  Each family got a certain amount of water each week for showers, and for this particular family, the once-a-week showers lasted only 2 minutes (timed by an egg-timer).  And, of course, out of the windows of this family’s home you could see tumbleweeds blowing over the brown, scorched earth (and no, the family was not in the Southwest).

This mini-series traumatized me.  Ask Justcallmedough.  I am a bundle of nerves about running out of water.  Don’t even think about leaving the water running while you brush your teeth in my house – I will rage at you about wasting water.  I truly am paranoid about one day not having enough water to shower with, drink, cook with, or do whatever else we need it for.  And these stories of mega-droughts don’t help me.

This was the scene right at the end of our street this time last year.  This is the reason we had no power in half of our house for a full six days.

Damage from Irene

Increasingly we are getting abnormal, extreme weather in my neck of the Northeast.  We had this crazy, windy tropical storm blow past us.  It caused major damage throughout New England, but Vermont was hit particularly hard.  Then, at the end of October, we had a freak Nor’easter, which also caused tremendous damage in New England.  We had no more snowfall after that; it was one of the driest winters on record.  And this was just the weather from last year.  I could go on about the weather other years.  It’s getting downright scary.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am scared of the weather these days because I feel that it’s an indication of terrible things to come for us.  Like mass destruction.  Destruction of our natural world, which in turn means destruction of life as we know it, or life as we have known it, as modern human life.  And yes, that scares me.  Is it preventable, these freak weather events that are not so freakishly rare anymore?  The mass destruction of our natural world and of mankind?  Perhaps.  Someone tell me what else I can do other than be the water monitor for my family and I will certainly do it, because the last thing that I want is more to be anxious about and my world to end.

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